We’ve collected DIY patterns and tutorials and created our own super easy to use kit to help anyone who wants to make fabric face masks. #millionmaskchallenge

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Fabric masks are one tool when medical professionals and others cannot get medical-grade personal protective equipment. Until shortages or disposable masks and N95 respirators are alleviated, fabric face masks are a barrier protection method of last resort. 

Get our SUPER EASY free downloadable pattern to make your own fabric face masks at home.


N95-style Respirators

Top choice for performance in medical settings for blocking small particles from entering mouth area – should be used with protective eyewear. 

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Surgical Masks

Commonly worn in Asia for protection, currently recommended in the US for use only when user is actively sick to help protect others, or for medical professionals.

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Fabric DIY Masks

Make your own backup masks for you and your family with our easy-to-use DIY kits or use free downloadable instructables to make your own fabric masks at home. 

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Each kit includes everything needed for the amateur crafter to make multiple masks at home!

  • Pre-stitched fabric patterns for 3 masks
  • Fabric patterns have 100% cotton outer layer, 100% cotton flannel inner layer (for comfort), bright stitching to help cut it out easily
  • 6 elastic bands for ear pieces (2 per mask)
  • Sewing kit with needle, thread & safety pin
  • Easy to follow construction and care instructions
3 masks - $18 (proceeds to charity)

“We had so much fun putting these together! With a sewing machine it took less than 10 minutes, but you definitely don’t need one!”

Michelle J

“I never sew, but I made masks for my whole family with the kit –everything was included and so easy to follow!”

Don L.

DIY Facemask kit

√ Made at home w/ prepared kit

√ Easy to follow instructions

√ Set price

√ Doesn’t impact supply of masks for medical professionals               

√ Fun DIY activity for family

√ Kit includes materials to make several masks and multiple sizes



Surgical masks

X Sold out depending on your area

X Long shipping times and hard to find

X Medical professionals unable to source much needed masks

X Price gouging

X Many counterfeit n95 masks on the market

√ Should be used in medical and known infection settings

Medical professionals need masks

For this reason, the US government has urged the public not to buy and use masks unless you are actively sick, in order to protect the supply for medical professionals on the frontline.

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