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Hepa-Filter pocket Fabric Face mask

Easytosew filter pocket mask

This video features instructions on how to make a fabric face mask that includes a filter pocket and an adjustable wire. Some medical providers are now allowing donations of fabric masks as long as they have a filter pocket included, as this one does. 

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The mask pros in-house face mask pattern - free download

Our DIy fabric Face mask pattern

We’ve taken the best of what was out there and tried to make it as easy as possible to make face masks at home for the COMPLETE beginner. We’ve simplified the instructions and improved the pattern, so you can print it out on your home computer and sew with no machine or special tools. 

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The Mask Pros Say –

Pros –

1. Very easy to make
2. Very form-fitting around face
3. Includes three different patterns for all ages
4. Easy to put on and take off

Cons –

1. No way to insert metal around nose
2. No way to insert filters

joann fabrics face mask pattern - download pattern & amp; review

joann fabrics Face Mask tutorial

Joann Fabrics is collecting masks at all of their stores that people make and donating them to local healthcare workers that may potentially need them due to medical-grade mask shortages. 

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The Mask Pros Say –

Pros –

  1. Easy and common design
  2. Fits okay on face
  3. Could work well over medical face mask to extend its life

Cons –

  1. Uses interfacing inside at additional cost and increased difficulty in sewing.
  2. Gaps at top of nose area
  3. Cannot easily adjust ear loop

the turban project pattern - download pattern & review

The turban project

This is a ministry started by the women of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly #0830, which has expanded and now include 15 satellite projects in the US and 11 internationally. 

They stock 50 hospitals and have created and donated over 45,000 turbans, courage caps, beanies, crochet/knit hats, scarves, and reusable medical face masks since June of 2012.

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The Mask Pros Say –

Pros –

  1. Easiest to sew
  2. Easy to take on & off
  3. Fits okay on face
  4. Works well over medical mask to extend it’s life

Cons –

  1. Gaps at top of nose area
  2. Cannot easily adjust ear loop to fit after sewing

AB-Mask for-a-nurse, by-a-nurse w/ filter pocket

By a Nurse, For a Nurse

“***This was designed for love, not profit. Respect health care workers. All masks made with this pattern are to be donated to healthcare workers in need…”

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  1. More form-fitting to face with darts at nose & chin
  2. Nice look with great trim edges
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  1. Difficulty & complex to sew
  2. Uses straps rather than elastic which are not as user friendly
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Providence Medical w/ Filter Pocket


Provided by the Oregon-based medical group, there is info as well for which materials to procure in order to make it a fully medical-grade face mask.

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  • Fits okay on face
  • Able to add filter on inside between fabrics
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  • More difficulty to sew with filter pocket
  • Gaps at top of nose area
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