Find Hospitals and Organizations that need Face Masks and PPE Donations

You may find yourself with more face masks then you need or with a connection to commercially-produced PPE, and asking yourself, how do I find hospitals or other facilities where I can donate face masks in my area to? 

With all the interest in communities around the USA for sewing and donating masks to health care workers, we’re here to help you find exactly where to donate face masks or PPE. Many people have gotten so good on the sewing machines that they’re cranking fabric face masks out by the hundreds. It’s really inspiring!

Where to donate face masks locally (USA)

Relief Crafters of America

If you are mostly interested in sewing face masks for a hospital in your local area, we recommend checking out Relief Crafters of America on Facebook.

Relief Crafters of America (RCoA) is a volunteer-run group that serves to identify humans or animals in need and then direct our handcrafted fiber products to these groups to provide support.

They are primarily focusing on masks at this time, as it is such a timely issue.

Link: Relief Crafters of America on Facebook

Open Source Covid-19 Medical Supplies

This community run organization is helping address critical shortages of masks and PPE, and local branches have sprung up (digitally) throughout the USA and world. Check out the list of local chapters here, or get in touch to start your own.


Where to donate PPE locally (USA)

If you have commercially manufactured PPE available, there are several websites we recommend with many requests for donations. You will definitely find a taker for any of this in-demand product.

FYI: Commercially manufactured PPE (personal protective equipment) generally includes:

  • N95 respirators
  • Surgical masks
  • Protective glasses/goggles
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Head covers
  • Face shields
  • Disinfectant wipes
types of PPE needed in coronavirus pandemic

Resources on where to donate PPE internationally

Covid 19 Masks is a simple webapp that allows users to upload what they have and match it to requests from hospitals all around the world.

Link: Covid19 Masks

Resources on where to donate PPE in the US

  • Get Us PPE – makers- and manufacturers-to-hospitals
  • Mask Match – individuals-to-hospitals via mask match
  • PPELink – research labs-to-hospitals donation
  • Project N95 – medical equipment and supply exchange

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