Fun And Fashionable Face Masks You Can Buy Right Now

We all know now that it’s time everyone is wearing face masks or home made coverings in public at all times. If you’ve been underwhelmed with the less-than-stylish options, we’ve got some masks that look good or maybe are just good for a laugh. Either way, you know you’re not using up surgical masks or N95 respirators that should be saved for the medical professionals that need them until the shortages ease up.

Horror Print Face Mask

This fun horror-themed face mask is sure to amuse your friends and maybe scare a few old people in the process. It’s all about making your eyes super expressive to not freak people out too much!

Stay Away From Me Face Mask

This is pretty much perfection. Telling people to maintain the 6-foot personal bubble perimeter is basically your civic duty, and this will certainly bring a smile to people’s faces – too bad you won’t be able to see it behind the mask they are also (hopefully) wearing!

Buck Mason Anti-Microbial (Set of 5 masks)

With this purchase, you get a set of 5 non-medical, reusable cotton face masks. The inner layer is treated with an anti-microbial coating that will supposedly last up to 30 wash cycles.

The cool thing about this company, is that for every mask purchase, they will donate a mask to a hospital in need.  They surpassed their initial goal of 100,000 masks donated in no time, and have now upped the goal to 1 million!

Birdwell Camo Print Face Masks (Buy 1, Give 1)

Another company that is doing the noble thing of donating one face mask for every purchase. These might be a bit more stylish than functional with those cool shoelace ties, but hey, you don’t have too much going on right now that you don’t have time to lace up, right?

You can also buy a ‘donation’ mask on their site, which will be donated to CORE, a non-profit founded by Sean Penn working in partnership with the LA Mayor’s Office and the LA Fire Department to provide free drive-through testing for high-risk individuals. Worthy cause!

American Blanket Company Fleece Face Mask (5 pack)

These fleece face masks are thicker, denser and look even more comfortable than your standard cotton and paper face masks/coverings. They’re durable enough for multiple washings and sterilization and/or boiling!

There are 2 sizes available, and five masks per pack (Black, Cream, Pink, Lt Gray, Med Gray). The company is also donating an unspecified amount of masks from each order to healthcare workers.

Tulusa Block Printed Face Masks

These designs are pretty cool – they look like something your fun aunt Lois might make in her artists’ hut in her backyard. But actually nice, right? These face masks are 100% cotton, backed with soft cotton flannel and have comfortable elastic strapping.  Each mask is hand made to order, and they use a variety of colors, so you may not get exactly what you see/order, but that’s kind of the fun of it, right? Washable.

Lips Face Mask

You’re probably not kissing a whole lot of people nowadays, so this mask is either a sad reminder of that, or a fun way to save money on lipstick. You decide! This ones lined with microfiber, so your real lips will probably thank you.

Sentry Work Wear Face Mask

The fabric options on these masks from Rendell Co are all super nice – we’re talking lie classy Japanese minimalist vibes, or maybe skinny tie cool dude sort of feelings. They’ve got lots of options, and we like just about all of them.

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